Midweek update 2/3/16

Hello February and apparently the groundhog did not see his shadow, so bring on Spring I'm ready! 

This last weekend's weather has given me spring fever for sure. Our flower beds are still bare so I'm ready to add some color to the front of our house. Grandma says I have to wait until after Easter and the freeze. That's so far away!!!

Today I am 21 weeks pregnant and still can't believe how fast it is going. My belly is really starting to look pregnant, It's hard. Jake feels baby girl move now and it makes my heart soooo happy and I smile overtime he tells me he feels her. It's not very often but every night he tries to feel her. She moves a lot when I get home and finally sit from getting off work. Saturday I worked a 10 hour day and had 5 minutes to sit down and eat some lunch. So I think she got super excited when we came home and laid on the couch. She has never moved that much, she was probably like 'my turn!'.

 This week I felt good just a tad bit emotional which is normal for my pregnant self ha! I just hope I don't pass on my moodiness to the babe. Like my Dad told me this week "I wish moods weren't a thing" AMEN! me too! I'm sure Jake wishes also :) (blushing emoji) 

I found the bedding I wanted from Restoration Hardware and had debated on it all week (I'm very indecisive). When I was about to check out I went to show Jake and then we looked at the cost of it and we are, even though we have our house now, still on the Dave Ramsey budget. Even though I could get it, it would be until next month until I could get anything else for her room because that envelope (if you do DR you know what I mean) would be empty, for just her bedding. So we decided to choose something different. But don't worry I still didn't agree to Jake's pink camo that he wanted to do. I'm pretty sure he was joking, but you never know.

 So I sucked it up well (this was when I was emotional haha) and stayed up most of Sunday night looking up patterns on Pinterest for bedding, because I'm very picky and didn't like anything else I saw. Back to square one now I'm going to make the bedding. I found a really cute pattern that I will link later when I'm done with her bedding. It has lots of ruffles and big bows. I went to JoAnn's fabric on Monday and looked for fabric. This took forever I sent a lot of pictures to my cousin, Liz to confirm the colors. I picked a beige with some silver sparkling lines in it (very faint though) I was going for small pretty details, yet very simple. The other color is white, of course, with a faint floral pattern. Jake loved it too, I think he's getting used to my very neutral palette in our house. Later I can get some light pink fabric to make her a blanket. This fabric is only for the bumper and dust ruffle. 

Jake is also making the crib so I won't be able to shoot the bedding (like with the camera) until we are done there. Which is in a long line of to do's of his lol. After we he fixes his old truck to sell and builds a fence.... then her crib yay! I'm super excited that he is going to build it and I think he feels the same about me making the bedding. My Daddy built my crib so it's going to be extra special to me. (I'm crying as I type this) I wish I could take my tear ducts away haha!!!

We have scheduled our maternity pictures with Beatbox Portraits, I LOVE TRISH, in April so we have a lot to do to get her nursery ready. No pressure right?!

Our kid will probably be so hard headed and super independent... which is good but I'm sure we will pay for it. My mom offered several times to help and also Jake isn't getting any help on his truck. But Tuesday night when we were sewing and working on trucks he came in and was excited he did something with the truck and I was excited because I sort of mastered a ruffle after 3 hours of trying. Ha! But oh no, until we are sooooo frustrated we will not ask for help, we have to accomplish it on our own. (insert covered face emoji) Should be interesting if she's the same.

Today I'm cleaning house, sewing, getting ready to throw a baby shower this Sunday, and going to the Rodeo with my mom and sister. I hope everyone has a great day and rest of your week! 

Thanks for reading!