Trend Alert: Brows

How to sculpt your brows

|| Spray tan - here || lips - BMB Strawberry Cream || Powder Foundation - BMB powder foundation || Blush - BMB Rose || Balm - BMB brow balm || Lashes - Here and Here ||

Blonde ^^^

Brunette ^^^

Deep brunette ^^^

Sorry for the selfie! This picture was taken right after I shot this Brow Tutorial which happened to be right after I airbrushed myself with FakeBake. (Hence the little makeup I have on) But I do love this look. It's super simple! I just put some powder foundation lightly on my face so I wouldn't interfere with my new glow, added a tiny bit of blush, some mascara, lip balm, and BROWS! I love this new trend. I never knew how much of a difference brows make, but obviously they do! 

I'm also obsessed with my new lip balm I'm carrying. Pictured is Strawberry Cream, but I also have Dragon Fruit which is a hot pink. They are basically like chap stick and lipstick in one!!!

Below I've added a brow tutorial for sculpting your brows. I've had a special request for this one. There is a lot of different ways to do it, the one below is with a brow balm. If you are using a pencil it's basically done the same. And if you ever feel like you look like Bert and Ernie just take a brow brush (these look like a mascara wand without mascara on them) and use that to brush your brows. The product will spread out and some will come off on the brush, allowing a lighter look.

I hope everyone has a great start to their weekend.
Thanks for reading!