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While it's freezing, snowing, icing, all things crazy weather in Texas outside right now. I'm trying a new spray tan to fake summer. 

I was really impressed with this product. I usually feel streaky, orange, and stinky. This can is great because you can hold it upside down (like to get the backs of your legs) and it still sprays continuously. I feel like this is perfect right now if you are pasty white from winter, since the color isn't sooo dramatic. But I only did 2 coats. I bet you can do more to get a darker tan. And my husband never told me I was stinky so I guess it wasn't that bad haha! I just made sure to really exfoliate with a sugar scrub like this or this, completely dried myself, and then sprayed. I also let the tan completely dry before putting on my loose pajamas. 

Let me know if you have tried anything and absolutely loved it! I'm always looking for a good sunless tan!

Stay warm and thanks for reading!