Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Coconut oil is great for soooo many things! Today I'm sharing how I do my coconut oil treatments at home. Since it's Sunday it would be a great day for you to do this, especially if you've been heat styling your hair all week. (This includes the blow dryer) 

Benefits of this treatment:
*help your hair grow longer and stronger
*super conditioning
*makes hair shinier
*anti-dandruff treatment
*repair damaged hair
*repair heat damage

SO... why wouldn't you do this once a week!

I get my coconut oil from my local.... Walmart :)! You can pretty much find it anywhere now! 

Below you can see it comes in a jar and is in a solid form. You can put it on your hair this way but I'm going to show you an easier (to me) way to put it in you hair. I feel this way the oil is easier to disperse.

First I put the stopper down in my sink, set the jar inside, and fill my sink up with HOT water.

Fill the water up to the top of the label.

 It should look like this when it's ready! ^^^

(No need to shampoo)
Dampen your hair! 
*** Damp means you have gotten it wet and really towel dried it ***

Pour a small amount in your hand.
Then run it through your hair with your fingers, you can even use a comb to evenly distribute it.
*if you have super oily hair already, don't put this on your roots*

Then, clip it on top of your head and do all of your household Sunday chores. (like looking on Pinterest and Instagram for hours!) 

I usually do a minimum of 20 minutes. You can do the whole day if you want, it won't hurt!
When you are done you may need to shampoo 3 times to completely rinse all the oil out. 

I hope you all have a more moisturized rest of your weekend!

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